10 Things you may not have known about Zanzibar Zanzibar is a beautiful island getaway off the coast of Tanzania. Various people from all over the world venture off to this island for the ultimate beach, snorkeling and seafood experience. But few know the following interesting historical and … Read more about 10 Things you may not have known about Zanzibar

Crete at a glance Crete has the longest summers in Greece so let the sunshine warm your soul as the island reveals its exceptional beauty and diverse landscapes with dream-like villages on green hillsides. During your Crete family holiday, embrace distinctive traditions, meet friendly locals in … Read more about Discover Crete

Discovering the other... Jamaica“Take your time,” says local fisherman, Boxer, as I scramble back into his red fishing boat after diving into the opal water to spy sea turtles off Dragon Bay. It’s a common refrain in Jamaica, where stopping to smell the roses is part of the national character.A day … Read more about Discovering the other… Jamaica

Virtual 360° Tour of Cape Town Go on an amazing tour City Tour to Table Mountain. The City Tour to Table Mountain is City Sightseeing Cape Towns flagship tour. It provides the easiest and most convenient way to visit the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway and it offers a great introduction to Cape … Read more about Virtual 360° Tour of Cape Town

72 Hours in New York New York City makes a strong case for being called the centre of the world, and it knows it, too: it’s an economic and cultural powerhouse, where just about everything you could dream of seeing, doing, and eating can be found somewhere in the five boroughs. It is easy to stay … Read more about 72 Hours in New York

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