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Savvi Travel partners with Give a Vaccine



Savvi Travel are pleased to announce that they have partnered  Give a Vaccine. Savvi Travel will pledge £15 per person per booking to this great cause. What prompted Dave Batley, our CEO to pledge this was a radio broadcast on The Jeremy Vine Show, Where Give a Vaccine’s Stephen Lampard was talking about the the cause. 

The current COVID-19 pandemic tells us something. That we are better working together. Right now, the world needs vaccinations and right now only the wealthy countries are being vaccinated. Our campaign at Give a Vaccine is simple. If you, in a wealthy country, receive a vaccine through your state or health service then could you give the cost to someone in less privileged circumstances? Effectively you give a vaccine for a vaccine received. Hence Give a Vaccine.

We estimate an average price for a vaccine is around £15 or $20. Some cost more and some less. So, if you give this sum, then we will ensure that the money is used for vaccinations in areas of the world that are simply not going to get vaccinated any time soon, without our help. Without us working together.

These are early days for Give a Vaccine. We are building partnerships with organisations able to support our programme but to do this we need to get funding off the ground. Our first step is therefore our GoFundMe page. We have set an initial target of £100,000 to get us established, but we will then need to raise much more to be effective. With the initial £100,000 we will have the backing to setup the partnerships and then fly from there.

We all go on holiday and want to have experiences in countries that we see on TV. A lot of these experiences are in the less privileged countries we want to visit. if we can help these countries vaccinate their people, our experience will be far better than they are currently.

If you would like to donate yourselves, please feel free to follow the link . Give A Vaccine

The £15 figure is an estimate of the average cost of a vaccine.

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